Knight Everlasting

The World of Dark Secrets Continues …

Once a medieval knight, Tristan McBreen is now Vampyre. Thriving and hidden in the lush romance of Savannah, Georgia, he has pledged his sword to those of his kind who will not feed on the innocent—though his quiet heart belongs to a fledgling who could well pay the ultimate price for his views. Now he must find a way to restore peace among the Vampyre—without sacrificing a love that could be his only salvation.

… and a New Love is at Stake.

Katie O’Reardon gladly surrendered her mortal soul to the darkness. Now better suited to avenge the deaths of her family, she is eager to aid those who helped her survive. Before facing a monster who hopes to use her as a pawn in his evil game, she must first prove to Tristan that she’s prepared for the battlefield—and ready to be the match for this knight’s everlasting heart.

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“Tristan McBreen, referred to as the “Old One” by the others of his faction, was a fearless warrior who had been fighting for centuries, ever since the age of twelve. He took his position seriously, never letting anything distract him from his training, and with the Order in shambles, his small faction was one of the few defenses left against Victor and his powers of darkness.

Katie had suffered a great deal at Lucas’ shands, but when she escaped and swore loyalty to Fallyn and Simon, Tristan became her maker. Since that time, Katie’s bravery and recklessness both worried and attracted Tristan to the point of distraction. Katie was fast becoming a pawn in the game played between Victor and their faction, and she was more than willing to sacrifice herself for the good of the others.

I appreciated the loyalty the faction of eternals—not vampires—showed to Simon and Tristan, relying heavily on Tristan’s considerable skill in battle. Katie’s impulsiveness and reckless behavior was refreshing, even outdoing Fallyn’s (from the first book), and was almost certain to be her downfall. Tristan was a noble man from another time but even he could not resist Katie’s charms, and their rocky relationship is fun to follow. The battles are more subdued in this story, but the war between good versus evil continues in this second book. I am definitely looking forward to reading the third book to see which side claims victory.” Bitten By Books

“Ms Philips weaves a tale of intrigue and beauty that had this reader hooked. I could not put this book down. I read it not knowing this was the sequel, so at first the mass of individuals that were in the first chapter took me by surprise but once I ironed out who was who, I fell in love which each and every character. Characters full of depth and richly crafted. Even the jumping in scenes to multiple points of view didn’t faze me in the least.

Tristan is a hero among ALPHA Heros. He is confidant, gorgeous and knows what he is doing, he was born and breed to be a knight. Katie a couple hundred years younger then Tristan is his fledgling and she is as enchanting and strong as he is… Both are flawed and scared of loving as they have lost so much already. But the secondary characters add so much life and humor to the book you will love them all equally.

I loved the book and can’t wait to get my hands on her first book and have high hopes there are more in this series. ” Got Romance Reviews

A Stunning Sequel Can Be Found in Knight Everlasting…

Sequels have a hard time, often falling short of the glamour and pizzazz offered by their predecessor. Knight Everlasting breaks that mold, by far surpassing Obsession Everlasting with its trove of Southern Vampyres.

…The action of this novel is well paced, descriptively fluid, and graceful. The tension between our lovers, Tristan and Kate, kept me glued to the story. Beautifully written, more magical than Obsession Everlasting, and filled with spine-tingling suspense, Knight Everlasting is worth a standing ovation.” Tamela Quijas ~ Romance Author

“Knight Everlasting is the follow up to Lisa Phillips’ Obsession Everlasting and never having read the first book, I was a little worried I might be lost when reading this new one, but that wasn’t the case. Ms. Phillips does an excellent job of inserting just enough back-story at the appropriate times to keep the reader informed and the plot moving forward. Fraught with both internal and external conflicts, Tristan and Katie’s romance was a joy to watch unfold. The story sizzles with sensual tension and a couple of well-placed scenes had the pages blazing.

Charming characters, excellent dialogue and a captivating plot make Knight Everlasting a true winner for lovers of this genre. Ms. Phillips’ talent for descriptions drags the reader from their comfy chair and slaps them right into the action. Sometimes descriptive passages can be overlong and drag a story down, but this author does them to perfection. Those readers who’ve read the first in this series, Obsession Everlasting, will be happy to revisit Simon and Fallyn while becoming acquainted with new characters, Sidney and Ryder. The ending leads the way to the next in this series. So if you love this genre, pick up both of these and stay tuned for the next.” Working Girl Reviews

“The many colorful characters that intermingle in KNIGHT EVERLASTING make this story enlightening and keep it moving at a good momentum. The journey that Tristan and Katie endure is one that holds fast through everything and lasts forever. Their romance is pure and the reader cannot but become lost in their love for their duty toward each other and their mission. Lisa Philips makes her characters believable as well as likable. The evil ones are really downright malicious, and I found myself rooting for the good guy to get rid of the evil ones. She pens a good story where I could share in Katie’s ache over the loss of her parents as well as her deepening love.” Coffee Time Romance

“Lisa Phillips has penned a great paranormal and a great romance with her novel Knight Everlasting. Her characters will pull you into their world of vampires where bonds of friendship, loyalty, and honor are worth dying for. The story unfolds with intense emotions and action that won’t let you go until the last page. Tristan and Katie will thrill you with their banter as they are constantly at odds with each other, while other charismatic characters will delight the reader with wit and humor in an already riveting story.” Night Owl Romance


The manor was stacked stone and roughly hewn timber with a sturdy wall circling the entire structure. Meadow and forest stretched beyond those tall walls as far as the eye could see. Stepping into the courtyard, she breathed the scent of rosemary, ran a hand over the neatly groomed hedges of it as she passed. Lavender, chamomile, comfrey, and coltsfoot… A healer’s garden, she decided, as she carefully dodged a rampant cluster of valerian. And peppermint, white sage, wormwood…

There was magic in bloom all around.

“You once asked me what part of Ireland I call home.”

Katie turned, lifted a hand to the sun’s warm rays, and watched Tristan gather kindling from a pile. Scooping a thick log as if it were no more than a pound of flour under one arm, he strode toward the manor. When she stayed rooted in her tracks, he cast a glance over a shoulder as he nodded at the massive wooden door.

“I could use a bit of help, my lady.”

Darting past him, she fumbled with the rusty metal pull until the door finally swung open. Following him inside, she examined the enormous room as he dropped the makings for a fire in front of the huge hearth. Sturdy furniture carved from solid oak was scattered along the stone floor, elegant tapestries covered the soaring walls, and she would bet her immortal soul not a single electrical switch, nor plumbing was to be found.

“Those things had yet to be thought of when this was last a home,” he murmured as he tended a sputtering blaze.

“Just so I know.” She took the candle he offered, and went around the room lighting candelabras as the looming shadows of dusk slanted into the windows. “Am I in your dream, or are you in mine?”

“Does it matter?” He stood, brushed his hands against the denim stretched over his thighs, and watched her set the room aglow.

“Yes.” Placing the candle in a charming pewter lantern, she gingerly closed the lid. “If I’ve happened to haunt your dream, I’d like to try to remember exactly how I did it.”

“You’ve done so for far too long now.” Those somber eyes held hers as the heat wound through her. “My grandfather had it built for my father when he and my mother were betrothed,” he said glancing around. “My father was twelve, and my mother still a babe on her mother’s knee.”

“An arranged marriage.” She nodded as she stepped closer to a tapestry to admire the brilliance of the needlework. “Being royalty would have required a marriage of state.” Smiling at him over a shoulder, she shrugged. “I paid attention in history class now and again.”

“He often said he never meant to love her. It wasn’t even customary. Marriage was an arrangement, business. A profitable one.”

“But, not theirs?”

“It began that way. My clansmen spent generations bloodying land they haggled for like dogs. It was my mother’s father who finally convinced the king perhaps a handfasting in the future was more advisable than watching good men die each day.”

“And so a woman was offered up to end the bloodshed.” She ran a fingertip over the broken spine of a book of sonnets on a table. “Before she even was one.” He went back to busy himself with the fire. “So, tell me how he came to love her.”

His hand stilled on a log. “He had not seen her since she was a girl.” The fire hissed, and sparks danced on the smoky air as he tossed the log. “He returned from a particularly long battle in the north, and was informed by his father the time had come. He and his men were to fetch his bride. There was already talk my grandfather intended to dishonor an agreement that had kept peace between the clans for years. To do so would have meant certain death to him, and the local battles would resume.” He rose, and turned back to her.

“According to my father, it was the same as certain death to him.”

“He loved another,” she deduced.

“No. He loved many others. As often as he could, or so the tale was told.” He chuckled, when Katie rolled her eyes. “And then he saw her. He swore it was as simple as that. No longer a girl, but the woman who would drive any thought of another from the rest of his days.”

“Did she love him?” she asked hopefully.

“Aye,” he replied with a smile. “So much that they promised their children there would be no handfastings in this house born out of anything but love. My sisters went to honorable men who stole their hearts, and not just their father’s gold.” He frowned, and dug his hands into his pockets as he rocked back on his heels. “I did not know Bram’s wife. By the time he had chosen, I had arranged to die on a battlefield as I probably would have anyway.”

“You let them think you were dead?” She was horrified, imagining what it must have been like for them to mourn him.

“Would it have been kinder for my mother to know her son was a monster, for my sisters to fear for their children, or my brother to look upon his with disgust? My father… I was his firstborn, his heir, so like him my mother would say. I could see the pride in his eyes each time he looked at me. I nearly gave my life to see that look in his eyes time and again. And I would have continued to do so. I did so. For all of us.”

Those he loved might not have been savaged by demons in the night, but they were ripped from him just the same. And like her, he still mourned that cruel fate. “Why did you bring me here, Tristan?”

He reached out to thread his fingers through her hair. “You know.” His hand cupped her cheek, smoothed along her throat. “You know what it is like to long for those you love.” His fingertips trailed over her shoulder, along her arm to the tender skin of her wrist. She shivered even as the heat lapped at her cold heart. When his palm met hers, their fingers twined, and locked. “When you close your eyes you see the moors in autumn, smell the fires of Yule, and see the meadows in spring.” Pressing his lips to her forehead, he lifted his other hand to cradle the back of her neck. “And you know there is healing and magic to be found here with summer’s bounty,” he whispered against her lips.

She rose up, and met his first soft, sweet kiss with want and wonder. His mouth glided over hers, tenderly tasting and gently coaxing. She was sucked under a swirl of sensations. She floated on that shimmering ebb and flow until a wild rush of longing banked inside her. When he lifted his head, she opened her eyes.

What she saw in his eyes made her tremble.

“More, a chroi?” He dragged a thumb across her bottom lip, his eyes glinting in the shroud of shadows.

“How chivalrous of you to give the lady a choice, mighty knight.”

Victor’s hushed voice echoed through the manor as the fire smoldered into ashen coals.

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