Obsession Everlasting

A World of Dark Secrets …

Simon Clairmont is Vampyre. Reclusive, elegant and wealthy beyond imagining, he has lived centuries in the sultry shadows of Savannah, Georgia. Now, caught in the midst of a bloody quest for power among his own kind, he must choose between the one lovely mortal who has ever captured his heart and the tenuous peace maintained within the Vampyre realm.

The Love of an Eternity …

Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe journalist Fallyn Mitchell’s frame of mind when she’s called to an exclusive on-site interview in the mansion of one of the world’s most mysterious men. But as the truth behind Simon’s dark secret unfolds, she’s drawn into a nightmare of death and war—and the dream of an obsession everlasting!

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“Reporter Fallyn Mitchell was wary of the chance to write a story about the reclusive Simon Clairmont, but decided that the payoff was worth the weekend she would be required to spend at Willow Bend, the Clairmont estate. Surprised at having a limo sent to pick her up, Fallyn was even more surprised to find that Willow Bend used only candles and that an entire wardrobe of evening gowns were provided for her to dress for dinner. While researching the Clairmont family using Simon’s reference materials, Fallyn was suddenly terrified to discover her host was born in 1790 and was a vampire. Running from the manor house, Fallyn stopped the first car she saw, which just happened to be driven by Simon’s evil brother, Lucas.

Simon Clairmont spent his nights defending the weak that were being tormented and abused by the stronger, and this was where he happened to see Fallyn and found himself instantly attracted to her. Inviting her to his home was the first step in his plan to make Fallyn his. Knowing that she might be horrified at what he was, he never thought that she would run from Willow Bend and find herself preyed upon by Lucas. Now Simon’s only thought was how to release Fallyn from Lucas’s hold.

What a great story! Fallyn’s independence and strength bordered on stubbornness and recklessness, but her bravery was admirable. Simon’s devotion to her was strong, and his determination to protect her, even from herself, was noble. I appreciated the loyalty Simon’s faithful had for him and found the battles both exciting and interesting. This was a lot of fun to read, and I can’t wait to get started on the next book in the trilogy.” Bitten By Books

“My emotions quickly became invested in the characters of Simon and Fallyn. Simon is the typically sensual and charismatic ‘good’ vampire, a strong leader of his faction and the trusted friend to the leader of the Order, but it was Fallyn who drove the story for me. Her strong personality and wise-cracking fortitude carry most of the emotional pull, although I felt Simon’s torment as if it were my own at his having to endure the time Fallyn spent in Lucas’ hands. I loved the way the swan in his pond (apparently, it had lost its mate) comes to symbolize not only Simon’s anguish and loneliness but the brooding Tristan’s as well… As tortured heroes always appeal most to me, Tristan’s already my favorite. And then there’s Reese. I wonder what special lady will finally catch the eye of Ms. Phillips’ quintessential playboy with a heart of gold.” Two Lips Reviews

“The sexual tension between Simon and Fallyn was electrifying, their unions were hot and sultry.  Both strong characters, not wanting to admit their feelings, you wanted them to confess their feelings to each other, rooting for their relationship to work. The supporting characters were great and moved the story along perfectly.  You will love Reece, Tristin and Katie, even the smaller supporting characters you will enjoy and remember.  When I realized I was at the end I was surprised because I wanted to read more.  The story ended too soon! I very highly recommend this book, Lisa Phillips is quite the talent!” Tnicnat’s Reviews

“I just finished this book and I couldn’t put it down. The characters make you love them or hate them right away. There is plenty of action and just the right amount of romance. The interatction between the characters are at times hilarious. Best of all the women are bad ass! I love it when the women put the big bad eternal vamps in their place!” Vampire Romance Books

“This story was next to perfect. One of my favorite vampire stories in a very long time. Ms. Phillips has blessed the pages with her unique and very talented writing style. It’s a story full of lust, love and passion. The emotions will take you on a rollercoaster ride and back again for more. The story flows from the opening line to the last line. The author pulls you into the story until you can’t get enough and you feel deprived once it ends. It’s one of those books that could go on forever. It’s well worth a read from you!” Long & Short Reviews

“…an interesting and enchanting read. Lisa Phillips has created a unique and appealing realm between mortals and vampires. The emotional tension between Fallyn and Simon is heartfelt. The characters are portrayed life-like and the plot stayed on course throughout the story. I enjoyed this story and will recommend it to other readers in the Paranormal Romance genre.” TCM Reviews

“You will lose yourself in the characters!…A wonderful story of two people brought together regardless of their different lifestyles and secrets. With some humor added, Lisa Phillips has written a story where you can lose yourself in the characters and what they must endure and conquer. An excellent debut, I am looking forward to reading the next story written by Ms. Phillips.” Paranormal Romance Reviews

“…a story about true, everlasting love, good vs. evil, and the ties that bind. This was my first vampire story, and I found that I did enjoy it. I enjoyed how the author took modern themes and made them universal, making it easy to see why Fallyn would fall in love with a vampire and the story so believable. This story was filled with raw emotion, and emotional struggles, all nicely and deeply written. This book was well developed, had deep secondary characters, was suspenseful, and tasteful in its violence and sexual description. The author also gave vampires skills that were believable, and these skills were woven into the story. This story was a great and enjoyable read, full of rich characters and even juicer plot twists.” Once Upon a Romance

“Lisa Phillips’ debut novel, OBSESSION EVERLASTING is an enchanting and entertaining story that will keep readers spellbound… Ms. Phillips has a creative and imaginative plot that is woven together with charming life-like characters and intense heart pounding emotion. I like how the author injects touches of humor into parts of the story that at times could become too dark and melodramatic. The sensual tension between Simon and Fallyn seems to leap off the page and you feel the emotions of the two of them as if they were your own. This fast-paced paranormal romance is a wonderful addition to the Vampyre genre. I am very happy to add this book to my keeper collection and I am delighted to recommend this debut author. I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Phillips has in store for her readers.” Night Owl Romance

“…Obsession Everlasting is a well crafted story that oozes in desire immediately. The reader cannot help but become connected with Simon and Fallyn. Simon is so charismatic. He has a sensual tone to his voice which draws the reader into the story. I found Fallyn strong in her actions as she strives in a busy world to stay afloat. Being familiar with the Savannah area, and all the places Lisa Phillips enhances in the story, I got a great sense of aura as if I was right in the midst of everything. There were many secondary characters that blended in well with the storyline to give it that extra gusto to make it a page-turner read. “ Coffee Time Romance


“This place reminds me of the dreams I’ve been having.” The wildflowers and the waves crashing to the shore in the distance, familiar things about a place and a man she didn’t know existed until hours ago.

“Tell me about your dreams, Fallyn.”

“The rain.” Lightning illuminated the forest, the wind flinging leaves from the trees. Thunder rumbled in the distance as she watched fiery fingers claw at the sky. “I can smell it,” she whispered.

“The storm?” He glided a hand through her hair, loosening pins and tresses dark as the night.

“A gentle rain at first, but I can hear it blowing in. I can feel them. The storm and the man I can’t see.” When his hand cupped her cheek, she froze.
His hands, strong and cool against her flushed flesh…

Her gaze met his in the shadows. “We all dream,” he said softly, his thumb lazily tracing her bottom lip. “Most often about what we truly long for, I suppose.”

“I can’t see him. I’m not sure I want to.” She slowly rose, bunching the skirt of the gown in her hands. It was like walking in quicksand, the earth quaking beneath her feet as the thunder boomed overhead. “I should be getting back to the city.” Her heels clicked along the flagstone terrace as she tried to dismiss the senseless panic bubbling up in her chest.

“No.” He caught her before she could get the door open, spinning her in his arms. “I didn’t mean to frighten you. You can’t go.”

“Oh, I think I can. This is all just too creepy. I’m having weird dreams. I feel things…intense, amazing things I’ve never felt before. And then out of the blue the reclusive Simon Clairmont wants me to write an expose on him.”

“Really?” He grinned, his eyes molten cobalt in the dark. “Never before?”

“My imagination is working overtime, that’s all,” she assured herself with a nervous laugh. “And you’re a little weird, Simon.” She tapped a finger to his chest.

He laced her fingers with his. “Do you believe in destiny, Fallyn?” His lips brushed her palm, his teeth grazing the pad of her thumb.

“Yes. No.” She watched the swan disappear into a thicket of reeds. “I don’t know. This place. And you.” Her gaze shifted back to him as she pulled her hand away. “You’re just some harmless, rich eccentric who–”

“I think you know why you’re here.” He caught a dark lock the wind sent flying around her face, twirled it around a finger.

“To get a story,” she said, shaking her head to clear it of ridiculous notions. “I’m here to get a story, but apparently you have other ideas.” Turning on her heel, she marched into the library. “Goodnight, Mr. Clairmont.” The candles sputtered with a gust of wind, the room suddenly pitch black. She couldn’t see her hand in front of her face, but she could feel him behind her. “This isn’t funny, Simon.”

“Close your eyes,” he whispered in her ear.

“I can’t see you.” She reached for him, but he was gone, leaving only a chill rippling over her skin.

“You don’t need to see me.” His voice came from the other side of the room now.

“I’m freaked out enough without you pulling parlor tricks.” She felt for the sofa, falling down onto it. “And by the way, this is not my idea of a good time.”

“Close your eyes, Fallyn.”

She was more curious than scared, so she did as he asked. “Okay, now what?”

“Can you smell the rain?”

His lips brushed hers once, and again. When she reached for him, she caught the heavy air scented with beeswax and smoke. “I can’t see you.”

“Perhaps it’s time you do, love.”

They stood by the pond as the rain danced on the murky water. The wind sang in the trees, the thunder pounding in time with her heart as she opened her eyes. For the first time she saw his face, eyes that held secrets holding hers.

There was no tenderness this time.

His kiss was desperate, ravenous, the helpless sound rising in her throat ending with a moan as the onslaught of feeling swamped her. Her nails pierced the soaked silk of his jacket as his mouth glided over the tops of her breasts, his teeth scraping, his tongue lapping raindrops beading her skin.
Her heart hammered violently, her head spinning with the primal beat. His hands molded her body through wet satin warmed by fevered flesh, his fingers impatiently knotting in the drenched fabric. It shredded, slapping against her hips in tattered sheets. She gasped and shivered even as the heat singed her blood. His eyes, gleaming and greedy, raked over her as the rain splattered her breasts and belly.

Raw, wicked lust licked along her veins as he sucked the tip of one breast into his mouth, his hands shoving fabric from her hips to pool at her feet. Her head fell back with a whimper, his tongue sweeping past her lips as she tried to pull air into her lungs. She sank into another deliciously brutal kiss, fisting his hair in her hands as he held her up to the raging storm. He would devour her.

And she would let him.

His fingers furrowed her thigh, curling under lace and silk to jerk it away, and plunge inside her. He groaned with something akin to torture, his eyes fixed on her face as she cried out, shocked and shuddering. Her body arced with a staggering stab of pleasure as the lightening flashed in her eyes.

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