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A World of Dark Secrets …

Simon Clairmont is Vampyre. Reclusive, elegant and wealthy beyond imagining, he has lived centuries in the sultry shadows of Savannah, Georgia. Now, caught in the midst of a bloody quest for power among his own kind, he must choose between the one lovely mortal who has ever captured his heart and the tenuous peace maintained within the Vampyre realm.

The Love of an Eternity …

Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe journalist Fallyn Mitchell’s frame of mind when she’s called to an exclusive on-site interview in the mansion of one of the world’s most mysterious men. But as the truth behind Simon’s dark secret unfolds, she’s drawn into a nightmare of death and war—and the dream of an obsession everlasting!

“I just finished this book and I couldn’t put it down. The characters make you love them or hate them right away. There is plenty of action and just the right amount of romance. The interatction between the characters are at times hilarious. Best of all the women are bad ass! I love it when the women put the big bad eternal vamps in their place!” Vampire Romance Books

“This story was next to perfect. One of my favorite vampire stories in a very long time. Ms. Phillips has blessed the pages with her unique and very talented writing style. It’s a story full of lust, love and passion. The emotions will take you on a rollercoaster ride and back again for more. The story flows from the opening line to the last line. The author pulls you into the story until you can’t get enough and you feel deprived once it ends. It’s one of those books that could go on forever. It’s well worth a read from you!” Long & Short Reviews

“…an interesting and enchanting read. Lisa Phillips has created a unique and appealing realm between mortals and vampires. The emotional tension between Fallyn and Simon is heartfelt. The characters are portrayed life-like and the plot stayed on course throughout the story. I enjoyed this story and will recommend it to other readers in the Paranormal Romance genre.” TCM Reviews

“You will lose yourself in the characters!…A wonderful story of two people brought together regardless of their different lifestyles and secrets. With some humor added, Lisa Phillips has written a story where you can lose yourself in the characters and what they must endure and conquer. An excellent debut, I am looking forward to reading the next story written by Ms. Phillips.” Paranormal Romance Reviews

“…a story about true, everlasting love, good vs. evil, and the ties that bind. This was my first vampire story, and I found that I did enjoy it. I enjoyed how the author took modern themes and made them universal, making it easy to see why Fallyn would fall in love with a vampire and the story so believable. This story was filled with raw emotion, and emotional struggles, all nicely and deeply written. This book was well developed, had deep secondary characters, was suspenseful, and tasteful in its violence and sexual description. The author also gave vampires skills that were believable, and these skills were woven into the story. This story was a great and enjoyable read, full of rich characters and even juicer plot twists.” Once Upon a Romance

“Lisa Phillips’ debut novel, OBSESSION EVERLASTING is an enchanting and entertaining story that will keep readers spellbound… Ms. Phillips has a creative and imaginative plot that is woven together with charming life-like characters and intense heart pounding emotion. I like how the author injects touches of humor into parts of the story that at times could become too dark and melodramatic. The sensual tension between Simon and Fallyn seems to leap off the page and you feel the emotions of the two of them as if they were your own. This fast-paced paranormal romance is a wonderful addition to the Vampyre genre. I am very happy to add this book to my keeper collection and I am delighted to recommend this debut author. I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Phillips has in store for her readers.” Night Owl Romance

“…Obsession Everlasting is a well crafted story that oozes in desire immediately. The reader cannot help but become connected with Simon and Fallyn. Simon is so charismatic. He has a sensual tone to his voice which draws the reader into the story. I found Fallyn strong in her actions as she strives in a busy world to stay afloat. Being familiar with the Savannah area, and all the places Lisa Phillips enhances in the story, I got a great sense of aura as if I was right in the midst of everything. There were many secondary characters that blended in well with the storyline to give it that extra gusto to make it a page-turner read. “ Coffee Time Romance

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