Paranormal Romance


The Everlasting Trilogy follows the power struggle of a faction of vampyres in the Eternal Realm set in the lush, sultry surroundings of 21st century Savannah, Georgia.


Book One: Obsession Everlasting

“This was a lot of fun to read, and I can’t wait to get started on the next book in the trilogy.” –Bitten by Books


A World of Dark Secrets …

Simon Clairmont is Vampyre. Reclusive, elegant and wealthy beyond imagining, he has lived centuries in the sultry shadows of Savannah, Georgia. Now, caught in the midst of a bloody quest for power among his own kind, he must choose between the one lovely mortal who has ever captured his heart and the tenuous peace maintained within the Vampyre realm.

The Love of an Eternity …

Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe journalist Fallyn Mitchell’s frame of mind when she’s called to an exclusive on-site interview in the mansion of one of the world’s most mysterious men. But as the truth behind Simon’s dark secret unfolds, she’s drawn into a nightmare of death and war—and the dream of an obsession



Book Two: Knight Everlasting

“Ms. Phillips weaves a tale of intrigue and beauty that had this reader hooked!” –Got Romance Reviews


The World of Dark Secrets Continues …

Once a medieval knight, Tristan McBreen is now Vampyre. Thriving and hidden in the lush romance of Savannah, Georgia, he has pledged his sword to those of his kind who will not feed on the innocent—though his quiet heart belongs to a fledgling who could well pay the ultimate price for his views. Now he must find a way to restore
peace among the Vampyre—without sacrificing a love that could be his only salvation.

… and a New Love is at Stake.

Katie O’Reardon gladly surrendered her mortal soul to the darkness. Now better suited to avenge the deaths of her family, she is eager to aid those who helped her survive. Before facing a monster who hopes to use her as a pawn in his evil game, she must first prove to Tristan that she’s prepared for the battlefield—and ready to be the match for this knight’s everlasting heart.


Book Three: Rogue Everlasting

“The biggest sign of a great storyteller is that I couldn’t stop reading…” –Long & Short Romance Reviews

Nominated for Best Book of 2011 by Long & Short Reviews

A New Threat Taunts Savannah’s Vampyre Dynasty …

After two hundred years of womanizing ways, powerful eternal and shameless badboy Reece Clairmont is definitely the rogue of the realm. Now with shipments going missing from the family empire and a crop of mysterious newborns making its presence known, his focus has to be on business—if only Sidney didn’t bring to mind pure pleasure.

… as an Everlasting Passion Ignites.

Dark, graceful and blessed with the rare IQ of a genius, Dr. Sidney Campbell’s interests couldn’t be further from those of impossibly sexy Reece. He’s all lust; she’s all logic. United by the need to protect their loved ones, Sidney might have to expand her theories on biology and chemistry—but can she tame a rogue and his scandalous ways without getting her heart broken?



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